Electric Power Regenerator (REM) is designed for electricity conservation consumed from an ac power supply by means of negative reacting power generation.  This effect is possible due to transformation of reacting power, amplified by resonance, into active power.

This unit allows the consumer to save at least 50 % of electricity

This video is created in collaboration with our partners, the "Energovat" Company. It demonstrates the operation of the REM unit


  • power consumption decrease by 50% or more;
  • electricity saving instant displaying on counter monitor;
  • working time up to 30 years;;
  • 5 years warranty;
  • short pay-off period;
  • ecologically clean innovative technology.
Now the REM units are produced in our plant in Yekaterinburg  in the power range from 1 kW to 600 kW in low-rate

Small desktop version, 1 kW
This is a more powerful option -10 kW. This one is often installed in workshops and private houses. And this is an industrial version, the power is 150 kW.
Workng system at the Shakhty Down and Feather factory. 75 kW
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